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Welcome to Parenting Pathway: a blog dedicated to equipping and encouraging you no matter where you are on the incredible adventure of parenting!

While we do not know where you find yourself today, we are so glad you are here. We are a group of imperfect men and women who love and serve a perfect Jesus! We do not have all the answers, but we know the One who does, and we want you to know Him, too. So, pull up a seat and make use of the abundant audio, video, and print resources sent straight from our hearts to your home. Let us join forces as you teach your children what it really means to know God, love God and serve God.

If you would like to know more about the Family Ministry at Stonebriar Community Church, please visit stonebriar.org/family.

Meet Our Team

Dave Carl is the Family Ministry Pastor at Stonebriar Community Church and is responsible for the ministry focusing on children birth through graduation and the parents who love. With a ministry philosophy based on Luke 10:27 his primary focus is to give parents the skills to raise kids who truly love Jesus and want to serve others. Dave has a passion for ministering to families in crisis in our community. He has spent several years pouring into fathers and husbands and helping them learn that they need community, were designed to guard and protect, and that they really can be the spiritual leaders of their family.

Dave and his wife Cathy of 30 plus years have three children and one grandchild. Dave is an avid woodworker and loves to write. He see’s all stories in the form of pictures in his head and he would love to connect with you!

Christine Clark and FamilyChristine Clark is the Ministry Leader for the Family Ministry at Stonebriar Community Church. She has a passion for supporting parents and helping them gain confidence and tools to be spiritual leaders in their homes. She is blessed to be the mom of a High School Senior and the wife of her college sweetheart for more than 20 years. She is also an avid sports fan who loves all things NASCAR and football, especially in the fall in Texas.


Parenting Pathway Advisory Team – We are are excited to add a team of families who have committed to walk along side this ministry.  These are families who love the Lord, and want to serve Him well during a busy season of their lives.  They have children from newborn to middle school. Their commitment is to contribute content annually, pray for this ministry, and enrich content that speaks to younger parents.  The members are:  from left to right, Sheena Creek, Nikki Nelson, Aubree Bryant, Ginger Mathews, Morgan Davis, and not pictured Patricia Salcedo.

We are blessed to have the Pastoral Leaders and members of Stonebriar Community Church as guest contributors to this blog.  Look for their works of encouragement and advice gained in the tranches of ministry and support for our community.  For more resources, links, and to engage with other parents, visit and join our Facebook group.

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