Part 2 – Parenting Your Child Struggling with Anxiety

Parenting Pathway Podcast Volume 3.2 – Pastor Dave Carl leads a discussion about teen anxiety with a team of counselors from Watershed Initiative.

In Part 2 of this Parenting Pathway Podcast series, we are discussing parenting a child who suffers from disabling anxiety. Family Ministry Pastor Dave Carl has a conversation with Jeri Marshall, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Erin Johnson, Licensed Processional Counselor Intern with Watershed Initiative.

We will look at how the changing environment around our kids is impacting them and the alarming increase in disabling anxiety. We will talk about how to recognize if your child is dealing with something beyond the normal teenage anxiety. And we will dive into finding help, connecting with your local church, and removing some of the fear and shame often associated with parenting through this situation.

Raising kids in the modern world is a real parenting challenge, and we want to walk with you. Join us in listening to Part 2 of this two-part series about parenting teens with anxiety.

You can listen to Part 1 of this series here: Parenting Your Child Struggling with Anxiety.  You can also read more about identifying anxiety in your teen by reading our earlier blog post from Erin,  Take the Anxiety Out of Teen Anxiety.


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